Congratulations And Welcome To Birthing Families Childbirth Education

Birth should be your greatest accomplishment not your biggest fear. Good childbirth education will give you a solid foundation for a great birth.

Taught by a team of  certified childbirth educators with 25 years of experience between them. Our shared expertise of prenatal yoga, massage and doula work enhances our childbirth education classes.

We have found that holistic education is the cornerstone of safe, empowering and satisfying childbirth. Our goal is to cover everything you need to know to enjoy a healthy pregnancy, birth, and beyond.

The curriculum was created for those seeking a hospital, birth center, or home birth. We have crafted the series to meet the needs of todays busy families. Our series is a weekend immersion taught over two consecutive Sundays. We look forward to working with you, and wish you joy on your journey.

We have a special package available for those who are working with the Salmonberry Midwives, taking a Birthing Families class and using one of us as their birth doula.

Class is limited to 8 couples and  fills up quickly. Early registration is recommended.